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Business Consultants

As a Business Consultant, you spend time working with businesses to come up with solutions and maximize their business growth. You may even work alongside a client's financial system to help them create the best strategy.

You dedicate your time building strong and trustworthy relationships with your clients, helping them to make decisions based on data-driven information. This leaves you with little or no time to focus on your financials.

We know you spend a lot of time understanding your clients because getting it right is important to you.

Just as you provide your clients with specialist knowledge as a Business Consultant, Vision Accountants are a proactive, human-centred chartered digital accountancy practice that simplifies compliance for busy professionals like you, so you can free up your time and regain your peace of mind



Here is just a look at what is included in our limited company accounting package.

For small businesses looking for HMRC compliance and reporting to support their business growth, gain control of their finances and peace of mind knowing they are doing the right thing.

  • Advice from your own dedicated Chartered Accountant
  • 24/7 access to your financials (Xero and bookkeeping tools access)
  • Quarterly review of your bookkeeping data
  • Tax planning advice to help maximise tax efficiency
  • Preparation & submission of financial statements
  • Preparation & submission of corporation tax return

£149 + VAT per month (if paid monthly)

£124 + VAT per month (if paid annually)

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Unlimited access to Cloud Accounting Software

With Vision Accountants, you will have 24/7 access to the cloud bookkeeping software Xero, which is trusted by freelancers, contractors, and small businesses to provide a real-time overview of your accounts.

We are a paperless accounting practice. This means you get access to apps that will allow you to scan receipts and send sales invoices as you go. Also, we will connect your business bank account to the accounting software (Xero), so you won't need to download and send us a bank statement. 

This is in return will save you time (and paper), and means you have tidy books! Because we review every transaction, you will have meaningful financial information to measure how your business is going in real-time rather than waiting until the end of the financial year.

Find out more about Accountants for Business Consultants

We understand that your turnover is not always a true indicator of the time needed to ensure you are compliant, so our quotations are based on the volume of transactions we need to process and the complexity of your business requirements.

The price of our low-cost all-inclusive package is the same. The Limited Company package is just £149 + VAT per month or £80+VAT for sole traders, with a 20% discount off your total fees if you pay for 12 months upfront.

Do I need to wait until the end of the year to switch accountants?

No. The process of changing accountants is actually a relatively simple one.  Switching accountants can be done with minimal fuss, effort and disruption to your business.


Bridcon Ltd – G Barcaru, Owner and Director

“Reliable and trustworthy accountants with answers to all business questions. We highly recommend them.”

BRIDCON LTD – Gabriel Barcaru, Managing Partner

"Moving to Vision Accountants was seamless. I was initially nervous about moving accountants because we’ve previously had terrible experiences and delays. With Vision Accountants, it couldn’t have been easier. Silvia was super proactive in engaging with my previous firm, getting all the relevant HMRC authorisations, transferring the logins for the digital tools we use, and staying on top of everything. It couldn’t really have been easier!"


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