Why choose us as your accountants?

Why choose us as your accountants?


As a business established during the pandemic, we know how difficult it is not only to start your business but also maintain it.

From opening a bank account to obtaining finance and holding the vision, these are all struggles we have been through.


So what did we do?

Opened a bank account

This was the most painful process, not because we had a poor credit score, but because it took eight weeks from applying to actually receiving the business bank account details with no communication whatsoever from our first choice of bank.

We learned in the meantime that you can open a Starling business bank account (provided all checks are okay) in 24 hours. We were so happy with the time it took and the customer service we received, that we decided to partner with them. This means that if you choose us as your accountants, you will know the exact status of your bank account application and we can discuss any issues you might encounter with them.

Obtained finance

There are many schemes available for businesses which have been impacted by Covid-19, but if you are reading this, you must have had the same struggles we had when we tried to obtain finance.

So what did we do when our business was not eligible for any of the schemes, not registered before March 2020 and did not have enough trading history as an incorporated company? We planned and planned and looked at the alternatives.

In our case, this involved:

Ø Mapping out our operations which highlighted if there were any process inefficiencies or if we had any unnecessary costs

Ø Determining the short-term and long-term working capital requirements to keep our business running

Ø Testing  different scenarios to determine which one is best for us but also what happens if we don’t hit our targets

In addition to these, having a business plan and a cash flow projection in place, which showed how we can achieve our VISION, made a significant difference when applying for and obtaining a business loan.  These were especially helpful since we didn’t have enough trading experience.

This enabled us to help business owners like yourselves to understand their options and determine the best one for achieving their VISION.

In a world where almost everything is automated, the one thing you can’t replace is your accountant’s experience.

Want to chat to us about your situation? Email us at hello@visionaccountants.co.uk to discuss how we can help.